Trying to save money has some serious consequences

I run a legitimate and successful air conditioning repair service.

We work 6 days a week on residential and commercial Heating and Air Conditioning repairs.

We provide installation services as well, but the bulk of our work is repair services. During the past year, business has been slow. Up until recently, I had no idea why. Last Monday, I found out one of the reasons. I received a call from one of our customers. The customer was upset because her new air conditioner wasn’t functioning properly. I looked up the customer in our computer database, and I didn’t find a work order for her item. The customer told me that we were out last week to make a repair. I found the ticket, but our records indicated that she did not receive a repair. That’s when the customer told me that the technician did the repair for cash off the books. I tried to keep my cool, and I politely explained to the customer that the employees work is only covered under a warranty if the company is providing the service. The customer tried to argue with me about the circumstances. At that point, I decided to hang up and retrieve the employee. He was out performing another air conditioner service. I drove straight to the address with another employee so I could talk to my guy about the situation. As soon as I mentioned the A/C repair ticket, he got quiet. I knew the employee was guilty. I honored a warranty for the customer, but I fired the employee with no notice. That kind of shady business will get us in trouble and give our company a very bad name and reputation.

HVAC repairman

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