What we can and cannot sell

For the longest time, I have been telling Richard to get to the shed plus clean it out.

  • Richard has all kinds of worthless junk in there that he seems to think is worth a lot of money.

I finally decided that if I didn’t do my part, it was never going to get finished. All of us set a date to disinfect everything out plus get all the stuff organized. I wanted to just toss everything away although Richard insisted that the two of us should at least have a large yard sale. So both of us put a bunch of posters up showing off our yard sale plus were selling all kinds of things. All of us absolutely found a ton of outdated window air conditioner units that were in the back of the shed. I was worried that they might not work however both of us tested them out plus they worked surprisingly well. Richard and I absolutely sold those before most of the other stuff, and people were so glad to get a fantastic deal on some nice window air conditioner units plus both of us let them test them out to see if they worked great. Him and I also sold some outdated gas grills for a fantastic cost, and both of us even had a few section heaters. I decided to keep a couple of space gas furnaces in case both of us needed them for emergency backup plan. I wanted to use one for when I was enjoying our shows in the Winter season.


Heater for sale