Getting back in the gym

Now that it is the start of a new year I have made a resolution to myself to get back in shape.

Back when I was younger I took an enormous amount of pride in how healthy and fit I was, but as the years have gone by and I have started a family staying fit fell to the wayside. Part of the reason was because of how busy I was with my kids, and the other part had to due with my hate of the gym in town. For reasons that I still can’t explain they always have the air conditioning at the highest possible setting, regardless of the season. It was always so cold in the gym that I had to show up in sweatpants and a sweater or else I would be too cold to focus on my workout. It used to be a respectable gym with decent staff until new management took over. I have now taken my fitness into my own hands and have created a gym in my garage! I don’t have the selection of machines like the gym in town does, but I have a good amount of equipment and more than enough space. There have been so many perks of having my personal gym at home that I can’t ever see myself paying for a gym membership ever again. The best part of it all is that I no longer have to deal with an overpowered air conditioning system ruining my workout every day! I think that this is going to be a resolution that I will be able to stick with for many years to come.


a/c set up

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