He Needs A New Furnace For His Cabin:

My son called me the other day asking about someone who could service his outdoor oil furnace.

He’d just purchased a cabin and he didn’t know what kind of servicing an outdoor oil furnace needed.

I told my son to call his brother because he’d know all about furnaces. He had recently acquired his license and certification for Heating and Air Conditioning repair and replacement. My son was frustrated, so I willingly called him for him. When I spoke to Robert, he told me that it was best not to scrub the outdoor oil furnace, because he thought the oil furnace would not work properly for him anyway. There was an old wood stove in the cabin that would entirely be more efficient and a lot less maintenance. The outdoor wood stove used wood for fuel. Not only did my son have to get the wood, but the wood had to be chopped to fit the wood stove. Twice a day, he had to be outside, regardless of the weather, and fill the wood stove with wood. I knew he had done it for the Last year during winter, although I didn’t believe he would be ecstatic about it when it came time to get his children off to school, the excess snow and going to work. He told me he’d call his brother about the wood stove and try to convince him to either find a gas furnace, or trade in the wood stove and have something electric installed. He assumed that electric heating would be best for the cabin he bought. I’m anxious to see what he is going to do when he hears his brother’s suggestion.

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