It’s So Hot and Humid:

It is the rainy season where I live.

I thought that I’d use the time to go visit the sunny southern regions where my daughter lives.

When I got there it was sizzling plus humid, and I didn’t even want to be outdoors. I camped up in the house plus refused to even go to the beach. If I didn’t have any a/c, I wasn’t interested. The only fantastic thing about me being there, was that I could see the sun shining. That thought no sooner escaped my head, than it clouded up plus there was a loud thunderstorm. It lasted for about an hour until the sun came back out again. Unfortunately, when the sunshine came back, the humidity came back way worse and I could see steam rising from the pavement. I was very ready to go back home where all I had was the rain, without the thick heat plus humidity. I sat in my daughter’s house for 3 more afternoons, with her a/c pouring over me, while I waited patiently until it was time to go home. I returned on a bright sunny afternoon plus the heat plus humidity were just as extreme as when I was in the south. I headed to my house and remained in the a/c plus vegetate. While I sat in my air conditioned home, I waited for my husband to come home. In the meantime, the sun went behind some clouds plus there was a random thunderstorm. All I could do was chuckle.



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