My Child Needs a New Furnace:

My child called me the other day and asked if I knew anyone who could service her outdoor oil furnace. She’d just bought her condo plus she didn’t understand what kind of servicing an outdoor oil furnace required. I told her to phone her sister because she would have more information. She’d recently acquired her certification plus license for HVAC repair in technology school. My child seemed totally distraught plus I phoned her sister for her. When I talked to Rosie, she told me that her sister would need to scrub her outdoor oil furnace, although she wasn’t sure the oil furnace would work anyway. Rosie had an extra old wood furnace in her condo that would really be more efficient plus a lot less work. The outdoor oil furnace would use wood for fuel instead. Not only would she have to get the wood, but it had to be cut up properly to fit the wood furnace. Twice a day, she’d need to go outside, regardless of the weather, plus fill the furnace with wood. I knew she could do it for at least a month of Winter, however it didn’t take long for her to become less ecstatic about it. With getting her children off to university, the blizzard plus going to work, it was a lot. She told me she would call her sister about a wood furnace plus try to convince her to either give her an oil furnace, or trade in both oil heating systems plus have a total electric installed. She assumed that the electric heating would be better for her condo. I’m concerned to see what she is going to do when she finds out about her wood burning suggestion.

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