Prepping the furnace for winter

My daughter called me the other day to ask if I knew of anyone who could service her outdoor furnace.

She had just purchased the house and she didn’t know what kind of servicing an outdoor furnace needed.

I told her to call her brother because he would know all about those things. He had recently received his certification and license for HVAC repair and installation. She seemed totally frustrated and I offered to call him for her. When I talked to Robert, he told me that he preferred to not clean the outdoor furnace. He thought the furnace wasn’t going to work properly for her. There was an old gas furnace in the house that would probably be more efficient and a lot less work. The outdoor furnace uses wood for fuel. Not only did she have to get the wood, but it had to be chopped to fit the furnace. Twice a day, she had to go outside, regardless of the weather, and fill the hopper with wood. I knew she had done it for the last month of winter this past year, but I didn’t think she would be happy with this along with getting her children off to school, the snow and going to work. He told me he would call her about the furnace and try to convince her to either use the gas furnace, or trade in both furnaces and have total electric installed. He thought that the electric heating would be best for the home she bought. I am anxious to see what she is going to do when she hears his suggestion.

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