The Weather Stays The Same Wherever I Go:

While I sat inside the air conditioned house, I waited for my hubby to come home

Since it’s the rainy season where I reside, I thought that I’d go on a trip for the weekend. I really wanted to get away from the rain. I headed to the sunny southern States in order to visit my best friend. When I got down there, it was sizzling hot plus humid, and I didn’t even want to stay outside. I holed up in my friend’s house plus refused to even go swimming at the beach. If I didn’t have that cooling system, I wouldn’t have survived. The only enjoyable thing I had going for me was the sunshine. That thought no sooner extracted from my head, than the clouds rolled in and there was a really huge thunderstorm. The storm lasted 30 minutes before the sun came out again. Unfortunately, when the sun rose from the clouds, the humidity came back way worse than before, plus I could see steam rising up from the ground. I was ready to go back to my hometown where all I had was the excess rain, however there wasn’t any horrible heat plus humidity. I sat in my best friend’s house for two more afternoons, with her cooling system pouring around me, while I waited till it was time to return to my home. When I got home, it was bright and sunny outside plus the heat plus humidity were as bad as down south. I headed to my house so I could switch on my AC plus vegetate. While I sat inside the air conditioned house, I waited for my hubby to come home. In the meantime, the sun went behind the clouds plus there was a thunderstorm. All I could do was laugh.


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