When will I see sunshine again?

It is the rainy season in our part of the country.

I thought that if I went on vacation for a week, that I would get away from the rain.

I headed to the sunny southern regions to visit my children. When I got there it was so hot and humid that I didn’t even want to go outside. I holed up in the house and refused to even go swimming. If I didn’t have any air conditioning, I was not going there. The only good thing about being there, was that I could see some sunshine. That thought no sooner got out of my head, than it clouded up and we had the loudest thunderstorm I had ever heard. It lasted about an hour and then the sun came out again. Unfortunately, when the sun came out, the humidity came back worse than ever and I could see steam rising from the ground. I was ready to go home where all I had was the rain, but not all of the horrible heat and humidity. I sat in the house for three more days, with the air conditioning pouring over me, while I waited till it was time to go home. I got home to a bright sunny day and the heat and humidity were as bad as when I was in the south. I headed home so I could turn on my air conditioning and vegetate. While I sat in the air conditioned house, waiting for my husband to come home, the sun went behind the clouds and we had a thunderstorm. All I could do was laugh.

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