How did I break my HVAC unit

I don’t know why but as I have gotten older I seem to be forgetting something every single day! I have always been somewhat of a forgetful person, but for some odd reason it has been getting worse lately.

A few days ago my forgetfulness ended up costing me a large amount of money as I was bringing home a new heating and cooling device that I had gotten from a kind elderly man on craigslist.

I had broken my old device after forgetting to turn it off while I was on getaway which caused it to overheat and nearly set my apartment on fire. After picking up my new device I ended up getting into a really long conversation with this man which led me to completely forget to take the safety precaution to tie down the heating and cooling device in the back of my car. Once I did eventually leave it only took a few minutes before I heard a loud bang sound coming from behind me until I realized what I had done. I had paid that old man a big amount of money for this heating and cooling device with the hopes of having it installed into my house and now it was simply a large pile of broken metal on the road! The worst part of it all when I thought about it is how easy this would have been to avoid, but from this point forward I am going to do my best to make sure that things like this stop happening to me. There are no more broken heating and cooling units in my future if I have anything to say about it!



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