Betting on the odds of winning

When you have a predisposed tendency towards gambling just about anything can be taken as a challenge.

I have gotten myself into hot water on more than one occasion for giving into my impulses.

This time, I promised myself would be different. I had convinced myself that because I was betting on a sweepstakes to win all new appliances for my friend it was okay to spend my rent money buying tickets. I figured that once I won the prizes I could give some to her to help her out and then sell the rest for a sweet little profit. I bought nearly a third of the tickets that were being sold so I knew that I had a great chance at winning. My addiction didn’t let me think that I had a two thirds chance of losing as well. Anyway, when the day of the drawing came I was anxious to hear my numbers called. The grand prize package included some kitchen appliances and a complete forced air HVAC system. The entire thing was worth almost five thousand dollars and I wanted to win in the worst way. As it turned out my friend had also bought a ticket. Yes, I said “a” ticket. One chance to win something that would greatly improve her live because all of the things in her house were old and were always breaking. Fate dealt its blow and I lost but at least my friend won. She was very happy and I was stuck with a few second prizes that I never wanted to begin with. I told her about all the tickets I bought and she decided to let me have the voucher for the new HVAC system. She didn’t need it anyway because she already had a boiler and didn’t want forced air anyway. I sold the ticket for the price of my rent and vowed to never do that again.



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