Bus air conditioner

I was pretty blessed growing up when I went to school.

The school bus that the people I was with and I had was unlike any other school bus.

The people I was with and I really had an entirely awesome heating and a/c system inside of it! Most school buses did not have quality heating and a/c in it, some had no type of heating and cooling at all. I recall one time, before we moved to the neighborhood where I spent most of my teenage years, the school bus would always be too cold or too hot. I’ve had mostly bad school bus rides. But, this school bus that I ended up taking for our entire middle years was perfect with their heating and a/c! When it would be cold outside, I would get on the school bus and it would be more like early springtime weather! I am not kidding! Then towards the end of the year when it would start to get hot from the summertime coming, it would be as if it was already fall inside of the bus. It was never too cold or too hot. Also, apart from the quality heating and a/c, the bus driver was pretty great. The bus driver used to play the stereo and listen to most of the same songs all of us kids did! So that was an awesome bonus! Who else on earth could really get on a school bus to go to middle school, have an awesome bus driver that was appreciated by the kids, and have quality heating and a/c? Not many people I knew of, that is for sure!
Air conditioning installation

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