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While shopping for portable heating machines to go in our spare room I noticed that there is a totally unusual price range that I had never heard of in my life.

I had always obtained things modern off the showroom floor when it came to anything & I now suppose I wasted a good amount of money.

I never wanted the packaging to appear dented, the box to have been opened, or an item that had been returned to the store. My eyes have now been opened to the deals I can get on some of those items. If you are choosing to get a piece of furniture for your living room environment you may want to make sure that nothing is flawed but if you are choosing to get a section heating machine that people will never see & there is a single small scratch on it for a cut rate price, you may want to purchase that. The same can be said for “factory refurbished” items. This actually means that an item had a defect while it was in production or as a return. It was sent back to the manufacturer & repaired back to a like new status. Many times these items are selling for significantly less because of this process. This was the case with our heating machine that I obtained. I saw it just resting off to the side of the display & it had a yellow sticker on it that said “refurbished”. I asked the salesman what that meant & he explained the complete process to me. He also said that it still came with the original warranty & everything. The main difference was that it was a hundred dollars cheaper than the others resting right next to it.


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