Hunkering down in the heat

These days, I am really enjoying the cool air and cloudy skies that we’ve been experiencing.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I truly appreciate the fall season.

Even on the more difficult, rainy, and chilly days I am in heaven.You see, when I wake up and see that the outdoor environment is cold and dreary, it gives me permission to feel similarly. Rather than trying to be warm and sunshiny, I can easily hide out inside and enjoy the dark moodiness of the outdoor climate. To me, cold and stormy days signal an incredibly productive day indoors. Rather than running around outside and doing errands, I’m going to stay inside with my central heating system and enjoy the beautiful warmth of modern indoor air temperature control. I like to use my cold and rainy days as big work day is. I can sit down on a computer and hammer out hours of work for my job, all the while appreciating the streaming heat to that comes pouring out of the air vent onto my feet. I can wrap up in a blanket and set a space heater next to me if I’m feeling even cozier. It’s easy to sit down and concentrate fully on my work when there’s no distraction from singing birds or streaming sunshine outside. Seeing the dark, cold climate reinforces that I have nothing better to do than stay inside in the safety of my indoor heating and cooling system. As long as I’m being productive, I don’t even feel bad about cranking the heat up to 80 degrees all day long.

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