Never cared much for going to the doctor or the dentist, mostly because of the HVAC in their office!

Going to any medical office is a nightmare for me.

I didn’t want to hear that there was something wrong with my health, my teeth or otherwise, as I was scared of needles and drills. For me, the worst thing about going to these medical offices was the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system in the office! You’d think these people had no consideration for people when it came to their temperature control settings. Every single time I would walk into a single of these locales, it would be entirely freezing inside! I couldn’t tell you how often I heard that it was to prevent the spread of germs, or it was comfortable for almost everyone. I thought all that was a bunch of nonsense if you ask me, and it just made it so I didn’t want to go to these locales even more! Still, I had to go. I know they can adjust the temperature control settings on the thermostat, but for whatever reason they chose not to. Had I chose to run an establishment like theirs, I would at least try to make the temperature control settings sufficient for almost everyone! I would want the people to want to come back to see me and enjoy their time with my presence, you know. If they had no real option in the matter, I’d feel awful knowing what I was subjecting them to!


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