HVAC with Zone Control Necessary when Working From Home

This is usually more on the cool side I thought

I am suddenly working from my house. My entire adult life has been spent working in a traditional office environment. The last office was awesome. It had an amazing view plus was perfectly Heating plus Air Conditioning controlled. The atmosphere was always perfect, but the Heating plus Air Conditioning system was as modern and efficient as the office was. Luckily, I didn’t take that situation for granted. I was happy to work in that office every single day. Well, that has come to an end. The supplier that I worked to build over the last 30 years was recently sold. The new bosses have eliminated my position. I was given a fairly good severance package plus told to hit the bricks on a Tuesday morning. It was not exactly the biggest shock of my life because the supplier that purchased us is notorious for giving people the ax. The thing that did frustrate me was how hard the immediate transition was. I’m in my mid fifties so I have to work. I still have my kids to raise. I took my contacts of 30 years plus went out on my own as a consultant. The first thing I did was to arrange my study to be a proper office. Getting the business stuff set up was simple. Learning to task from modern home was the difficulty. It was just such a dramatic shift in my routine. I was always distracted because I was in my house. Also, I love my office space Heating plus Air Conditioning temperature to be perfectly tailored to suit my unique preferences. This is usually more on the cool side I thought. Apparently, my thermostat preference is far cooler than my family likes it. So, I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning people to put in HVAC with zone control.


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