I pay attention when it matters

I tend to be one of those obnoxious people who just kind of drifts off at times in the middle of everything.

There are times when people will be talking at me and I just kind of zone out of the interaction.

If I were talking to me, I would actually be put off by this behavior every time. However, it is not meant to be rude and I try to reign my problem in as much as possible. I guess I just beginning to zone out if I have no interest in a topic. I’m not all that way all the time, not with machines and pets for some reason. The slightest change ins sound or performance I can detect with those subjects. It’s just people and their yammering that causes me to quickly drift away. I tuned in to the Heating and A/C the other afternoon. Lucky I did, too, because it saved me a bunch of money. I was strolling past the Heating and A/C located outside our house, I noticed just the slightest difference in emanated sound coming from the Heating and A/C compressor unit. When I thoroughly investigated, I also noticed there was a bit of a slight shake going on inside the system as well. I went inside to check online for what might be going on at that moment with our Heating and A/C system. Immediately, it became clear that any sort of shake going on with the outside Heating and A/C is not a great thing. So, I flipped the breaker on the Heating and A/C and quickly called the Heating and A/C professionals. The Heating and A/C tech soon found a bad bearing in the fan. Had I not caught it, there absolutely could have been a good deal of destruction.

Smart thermostat

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