Just trading in my old life for sunnier days

So, I’m thrilled to tell you all, I just saw the last of our 52 straight years of hard winters come to a final end.

No, I’m not dying. But, I have finally pulled the metaphorical plug on living month after month in chilly cold and limited sunshine. That is over. All of us have been able to happily retire and are leaving the lake home the two of us loved so much for a smaller version down south. There are some mixed emotions about leaving, obviously. I love the people here and hate the thought of leaving them. However, I am also cheerful to know that I won’t have to worry whether or not the current Heating and A/C heating system will make it through the next winter. Plus, around here heating the home has become so expensive that the two of us honestly are going to save money in the up-to-date home on utilities each month. The square footage is much smaller so there will be less to heat and cool, right off the batt. Of course, the area the two of us are headed to doesn’t really worry so much about the heating. The winters are incredibly mild; the summers are scorchers and there will be plenty of power consumed cooling the house that season. But, it will be far less than the utility bills the two of us payed for more than 6 months of winter. This savings has allowed me a dream purchase that I always wanted. All of us put a sunroom on the side of the house. All of us even professionally put a ductless Heating and A/C component out there so I can sit in the sunroom year round! Without that, the summer heat would simply make the space impossible to enjoy. Sunshine, here I come.
space heater

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