Room with Cold Spot Morphing Into Junk Room

I have never really considered how a junk room is born and grows.

  • It just never occurred to me how junk rooms have a life of their own.

A junk room is a place where random possessions go to die. When I was growing up, every modern home we lived in contained a junk room. Those rooms were packed with stuff that my mom or dad just couldn’t bring themselves to throw out. So, these random possessions, of course, needed to be in a Heating plus Air Conditioning treated room inside the dwelling. However, I can’t criticize too much because I find myself having a junk room myself. This got me wondering how this room morphed from guest room, to unused guest room, to junk room. It starts with the self-explanatory fact that this room in our condo is so much colder than the rest of our home. This is okay when the Heating plus Air Conditioning is pumping during the worst of summer; however, during the rest of the year, that room is just too cold for people. I had the Heating plus Air Conditioning guy come to see if the room just wasn’t properly ventilated. Unluckily, the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech discovered that when the former owners renovated the house, they didn’t renovate with Heating plus Air Conditioning airflow in mind. This guest room just doesn’t get the appropriate Heating plus Air Conditioning exposure as a result. However, I was able to fix the cold spot. I put in some room to room ventilators in the walls. The ventilators are small fans that move Heating plus Air Conditioning treated air into the room more readily. Perhaps with the better thermostat readings in that room, it might stop its slide into junk room.

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