Southern Life with No Furnace is Calling my Name

I am no longer putting up with winters.

No, I’m not dying although I am forever through with frigid Decembers.

I won’t be putting myself through any more sub zero weeks plus weeks. I sold all the snow removal component online. They are young plus just starting out. Now, they have all the snow stuff they will ever require. I sure don’t need it so somebody should have it. I also done to living as a servant to the furnace. This was our Heating plus Air Conditioning heating method. While it was truly effective, the Heating plus Air Conditioning gas furnace was also way too expensive to operate, plus we wrote sizable checks during the Wintertide months to keep that hungry furnace satisfied. Again, that is out of my life forever now that we are moving to the South. Retirement has finally arrived, against good odds, so we are moving to the great weather. It is, after all, our golden years. So, why not prefer the weather? The modern condo is in a southern state with summer-like winters. There is no need for a gas furnace. Our heating plus cooling system has now become a single Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Our retirement home comes with a new, state of the art heat pump. Like I said, the winters in the south are so mild that we don’t have to rely to heavily on an oil furnace. This modern heat pump also will be heating our swimming pool with the excess energy from heating the house. I am thrilled about that. Imagine, sitting outside under the stars in a swimming pool that is heated by the Heating plus Air Conditioning system while Bing Crosby croons Christmas music on the radio. I’m ready!

Hybrid HVAC system

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