Thermostat locked on eco mode and I’m freezing

This is a great idea, unless someone is house-sitting for her

Sometimes high-tech solutions are not the best option. I know that it’s hard to imagine in this day and age, but I truly believe that there are important merits to old-school dialogue of versions of almost everything. I know that nobody will agree with me when I say that old school phones were the bomb. It was great that you could text without even looking down at a keypad. Nowadays, phones are incredibly expensive and easy to break. You have to be on them constantly, and I often dream of the days when cellphones were optional. Similarly, I have to say that these newfangled smart thermostats are not the best idea. I know everybody on Earth is clamoring to get a wifi-enabled smart thermostat installed in their home these days, but I have had enough negative experiences with them to stick with the old school dial thermostat. Recently, my cousin made the mistake of having a smart thermostat installed in her home and she asked me to house-sit the next week. I had no problem helping her out, but I also had no idea that the smart thermostat was going to be such a headache. It turns out, when she had the smart thermostat installed by a professional HVAC technician, they accidentally set the thermostat to default on eco mode. Every time my cousin is out of the house, her thermostat will detect her location and automatically turn down the heating and cooling system inside the home. This is a great idea, unless someone is house-sitting for her. I had no way to disable the eco-mode or get a hold of my cousin for her entire trip. I froze my butt off for 2 weeks in my cousin’s ice-cold house, all thanks to her incredibly smart thermostat.

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