Too many pets for too little air filtration

It was completely and utterly plugged with pet fur and dander

This family is one of those that is fully in love with all sorts of furry critters. We have more pets than people on our property. Often, the two of us even take in strays who need a wonderful up-to-date home. Some of them have stayed with us while others actually found nice homes. So, our home is pretty full of all sorts of fur. Luckily for everyone, the two of us live way out of neighborhood on a nice piece of land. The herd of dogs and cats pretty much have free wander of the property. Amazingly, they tend to stay pretty close all the time. Most of them sleep in the home at evening. Having this many dogs and cats means that fur can be a problem. I found out that this much fur can have terrible effects on the Heating and A/C. Before this, I didn’t generally try to pay all that much attention to the Heating and A/C unit. I simply sent my credit info, paid the bill, set the temperature control and had the Heating and A/C tech out sometimes for preventive repair. Oh, and I changed the air filters very occasionally. Well, that haphazard approach to the Heating and A/C air filters changed real fast. I very nearly choked out the Heating and A/C because of all the fur. When the furnace failed, I got curious. Before calling the Heating and A/C people, I checked the air filter for myself. It was completely and utterly plugged with pet fur and dander. Now, I buy Heating and A/C air filters by the dozen. Most homes need to change their air filters every month or two. I am now doing it about once every 7 days! I may end up having to convert the old barn to home all these pets.


Whole home air purification

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