Wax From Melting Candles Can Coast Everything in the House

In my mind, using candles conjures a romantic evening in a cozy spot, the right music a carafe of wine plus my favorite guy on the planet. This is the most favorite of imaginings when it comes to candles. The other thing candles conjure up are the holidays. A winters evening with the condo all alighted with joy as Christmas candles flicker plus fill the air with sweet smells. And again, this has everything to do with my husband. So, I lucked out there. Man, my better half goes overboard with the candles during the holiday season. They start making their first appearance when Thanksgiving is getting close. However, once the turkey bones go in the trash, the candles can be found everywhere. This is my cue to protect the Heating plus Air Conditioning. Not the sentence you were thinking to read there right? I know, it sounds love an odd reaction, but it’s so true. As soon as the candles come out en masse, I go to the crucial box hardware to purchase several Heating plus Air Conditioning air filters. I received the hard way that this is the right thing to do. All the wax being burnt from the candles winds up on the air filter. The wax gets all over the Heating plus Air Conditioning air filter thus critically restricting all important air flow. I nearly killed my Heating plus Air Conditioning the first year we were together in the same house. I had never even considered where the paraffin wax went as it was being burned. Now, I change the air filter so many times during the holidays.

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