Are HVAC Hotspots an issue?

Do you have hot spots in your house? Most homes do.

Hot spots are little areas of your new home or office that just don’t seem to get as cool as the rest of the room; They are like little walled-off pockets where your cooling system just doesn’t seem to reach for some reason. If you are having these kinds of problems with your Heating and Air Conditioning system, it might be a good idea to call in a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist to see if he has any ideas for your home. You are very likely paying higher heating and cooling costs when you have these type of spots. Here’s why: say you have this one corner of a room that you can tell is not getting as much A/C as the rest of the room, and the temperature control reads 1 degree higher over there. As the air doesn’t just stay there, and moves around, the hotter pocket of air moves to other areas, so the cooling system detects that it is too hot, and so the cooling system switches on. This will of course then happen repeatedly, all the time still, that section will always be hotter than the rest. This is a never-ending cycle that drains your cooling system and loses you money. If it is winter, this same thing still occurs, only in reverse. The little areas where your gas furnace, for some reason or another, just doesn’t work that well stay cold. If you have these hot spots plus cold spots, you definitely should be considering bringing in a Heating and Air Conditioning pro to help you figure out what improvements can be made to your heating and cooling system. Sometimes it really is best not to settle for the status quo, money wise, if you want to save money.

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