The Importance of Sealing Windows

Well, it is nearing the end of summer time and the frigid realities of winter will soon be upon us.

Now, even though I live in the southern climate, meaning winter is not the full on experience of cold weather that it is in the more northern areas of our country nonetheless, every one of us, me included usually see some form of colder weather to the point where we are warned to wrap our pipes and drizzle the tap water to keep our pipes from bursting overnight, and so this also means that it is the perfect time to do some things to help out your heating and cooling system.

First up, you should get a thorough Heating and Air Conditioning inspection, followed by a Heating and Air Conditioning tune-up if need be. Your Heating and Air Conditioning set up is mechanical, meaning it has moving parts! Any machinery with moving parts needs to be maintained, and believe your heating and cooling devices are no different. So if you don’t have a Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance contract with a local heating and cooling company, you should consider getting one. After the Heating and Air Conditioning inspection and maintenance,next you should take the time to caulk around the windows. It is extremely common to lose heated air through the gaps around the window areas meaning you let in the frigid outside air. Your furnace will thank you. Also be sure you have changed the air filter and cleaned the the a/c air vents, and be sure your Heating and Air Conditioning guyl checks the air duct, as well. You don’t want to heat your air only to have it end up making its way to the outside world. I one time had to replace all the ducts I had in the crawl space beneath my house because moles got under there and destroyed the ducts. Moles will make comfortable right under your house! But anyway at least I got it fixed.


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