Motorcycle accident case

When I got our motorcycle license last year, our fiance told myself and others that I was going through a midlife crisis plus that she didn’t want myself and others on “one of those things”. I told her that I certainly was going through a midlife crisis but owning a motorcycle had consistently been a dream of mine; that is, until that dream became a nightmare. One afternoon, when I was driving home from work on our bike, a reckless driver hastily switched lanes plus caused a large accident when he hit myself and others plus sent myself and others flying many feet. Thank God I was wearing our helmet. When the dentists had left, plus it was just our fiance plus I she advocated – after letting myself and others assume that she had told myself and others so- that I reach out to a personal injury law firm. I called the personal injury law firm with the commercials I had seen in the past with a personal injury attorney who explained that his specialty was as a motorcycle attorney. Pretty suddenly after calling the personal injury law firm plus getting in touch with the motorcycle attorney, I was told that I had a case. The motorcycle attorney helped myself and others build a case out of the accident that had occurred plus let myself and others assume that his personal injury law firm would be working difficult to make sure that I got the justice that I deserved. I am happy to say that the motorcycle lawyer was undoubtedly right plus in less than a year both of us had all of our acquaintanced medical payments taken care of from the settlement. I’m thankful to our fiance for encouraging myself and others to reach out to a personal injury law firm…now if I could just get her to let myself and others get another bike.


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