Motorcycle crash

When I got my motorcycle license last year, my wifey told me that I was going through a midlife crisis plus that she didn’t want me on “one of those things”. I told her that I entirely was going through a midlife crisis but owning a motorcycle had constantly been a dream of mine; that is, until that dream became a nightmare. One morning, when I was driving lake lake house from work on my bike, a reckless driver abruptly switched lanes plus caused a sizable accident when she hit me plus sent me flying several feet. Thank God I was wearing my helmet. When the doctors had left, plus it was just my wifey plus I she recommended- after letting me suppose that she had told me so- that I reach out to a personal injury law firm. I called the personal injury law firm with the commercials I had seen in the past with a personal injury attorney who explained that her specialty was as a motorcycle attorney. Pretty hastily after calling the personal injury law firm plus getting in touch with the motorcycle attorney, I was told that I had a case. The motorcycle attorney helped me build a case out of the accident that had occurred plus let me suppose that her personal injury law firm would be toiling taxing to make sure that I got the justice that I deserved. I am ecstatic to say that the motorcycle lawyer was truly right plus in less than a year all of us had all of my neighbord medical payments taken care of from the settlement. I’m thankful to my wifey for encouraging me to reach out to a personal injury law firm…now if I could just get her to let me get another bike.

motorcycle law firm

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