Climate controlled dog houses

We keep three dogs on the farm and they are strictly working dogs: they protect the sheep.

These dogs would not come inside of the house even if we drag them in.

They would look for a way to get back outside so that they could make sure the sheep were safe. However, it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter and I want the dogs to be more comfortable. Usually, we just give them extra blankets or fill up a pool for them but I want to do more for these dogs. After all, they work so hard for our farm. Recently I came across climate controlled dog houses. With a little bit more research, I discovered that these dog houses are really just regular dog houses, with a little bit more insulation, plus they are hooked up to a ductless mini-split system. The ductless mini-split system, itself, is rather expensive but I think I can save a bit of money by just hooking one up to the existing dog houses. I would only need one system for all three dog houses. Additionally, the ductless mini-split system has both heating and air conditioning to keep the dogs comfortable year-round. It looks like I just buy the system, drill a hole in each of the dog houses, run a hose from the system and attach it to a vent that dissipates the air inside of the dog houses. I will have to figure out which dog house to put the thermostat in to though. I bet it wouldn’t take more than a day to do all three dog houses.

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