It is hard being an HVAC technician

It is very difficult being an HVAC technician, but it probably isn’t hard for the reasons that you might be thinking.

Sure, the HVAC field isn’t an easy field to work in. HVAC technicians often work long hours throughout the week, and HVAC technicians also get called in at random hours to do an emergency HVAC repair. HVAC technicians have a very physical job, and we beat up our bodies as HVAC technicians. Obviously, the HVAC field isn’t easy, but none of this bothers me. Honestly, the worst part about being an HVAC technician, in my opinion, is the kind of people that I have to work with. I have discovered that trade jobs tend to draw the kind of people that I like to avoid, and my HVAC company is no exception. Some of the HVAC technicians that I work for are very foul, and most of them do things that I would never want to be a part of. It would be okay if they didn’t try to force me to do them do. I may work as an HVAC technician, but I don’t fit the persona that they are looking for. I am an HVAC technician because I love work, but I like a quiet and religious life. I try not to judge others, but the other HVAC technicians don’t operate on that principle. I have considered quitting my job with the HVAC company many times, but I don’t think that it would be different anywhere else. I just try to get along with the HVAC technicians, and I ignore them when I need to.


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