My first sleepover had no working heating appliance

This was the first time that I have ever been allowed to have a sleepover at someone’s dwelling, as well as it happened to be the worst sleeping experience of my whole life! My parents have consistently been extremely strict about sleepovers because they were both abused as youngsters while at a sleepover.

However, my family has known this family for a long period of time, as well as the oldest child happens to be my best friend! Finally, my parents made the decision to let us have a sleepover.

It was the midst of January, as well as every one of us were out of school for vacation. It was also very cold, so the gas furnace at their beach dwelling should have been running that night. When I arrived at the dwelling, the gas furnace was running, as well as every one of us stayed inside for a majority of the day. I know that some people love being outside in the cold weather, however I would rather stay inside where the gas heating appliance is. As every one of us were about to go to sleep, the Mom came inside our room as well as told us that the gas heating appliance quit working. The gas furnace had just stopped working, so it didn’t have time to get really nippy yet. The people I was with and I had to grab a good amount of blankets, however every one of us were hoping that the HVAC worker would be able to fix the gas heating appliance. However, when the HVAC worker showed up, he told us that he would need to order a certain part for the gas heating appliance, so the gas furnace wouldn’t be fixed until after the actual necessary part came in. Although every one of us had a good amount of blankets, it was still completely freezing separate from the gas heating appliance, as well as I had a truly rough time sleeping that particular night. How could every one of us have known that the gas heating appliance would stop working during the night of a sleepover?


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