Should we fix the house before selling it?

My partner and I have owned this house for over 20 years.

We raised all six of our children in this house and we have very many memories here.

We don’t want to sell the house but it seems like it’s time. The house is too large for just the two of us. Besides, my partner has a lot of trouble using the stairs now that he’s older. It would be better for both of us if we lived in a single story home. Before putting the house up for sale, we want to fix it up a bit though. We’re going to start with the basement. It’s pretty nasty down there and it needs some cleaning up and some paint. We might even redo the carpeting. We also want to take care of the humidity problem in the basement before selling the house. If we don’t, it will get all nasty down there again. If we don’t sell the house immediately, we’ll just have to repaint and re carpet the basement once more. ]We decided to get some dehumidifiers for the basement to help with the humidity but I keep forgetting to empty them and so they stopped working. Recently, I’ve been talking to the heating and air conditioning company we use. They recommended getting a whole home dehumidifier installed into our HVAC system. They explained that the whole home dehumidifier will take care of our humidity problems and we won’t have to remember to empty out the water. I’m just not sure if we should put that much money into a house we’re trying to sell. Maybe it would just be better to try to sell it “as is”.



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