Upgrading HVAC system for my rental property

I own some rental property just west of town that people really seem to enjoy.

I have everything in tip top shape, and I try to keep the grounds immaculate.

One day, during the winter, I got a call from one of my tenants that the furnace was not working. I called the HVAC provider and had an HVAC technician sent out right away to service the furnace. Problem solved, right? Wrong. The next week, another person called and said she was having issues with her furnace. Once again, I called the HVAC provider and they sent out an HVAC technician to service the furnace and get heat back to the home. When the furnace went out on a third home, I called the HVAC company and asked what on earth was going on. When the HVAC technician came out, he spoke with me for a little while and told me that the two furnaces he had repaired were on their last legs and recommended that I look into replacing the HVAC systems that had been installed when the properties were built. After he showed me the cost breakdown- and how much money I could save with modern, energy efficient HVAC solutions- I agreed. My properties now have completely upgraded HVAC systems which means that they work better for them and they save me money on the costs of upkeep! I think the tenants are really enjoying the modern touch as well. All of the houses now have smart thermostats and they enjoy having the flexibility of setting a heating and cooling schedule for their own home. I’m really glad I replaced the HVAC systems in the rental properties, I think it’s going to keep me in business for quite a while.


Air conditioner install

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Cape Town, South Africa