North vs south on HVAC settings

Once a year I visit my brother in the south.

I usually go around Christmas time to get a break from the cold and snow in the north.

My brother has gotten so weak now with the cold. In the south it blows my mind that there is no snow. Christmas time does not even guarantee cold. I have visited my brother in December and been almost hot. I have pictures of me in his house in shorts and a t-shirt. My brother is a baby and wants to run the heater on 55 degree days. I can’t even imagine using a heater for that type of weather. 55 degree days means I can run outside barefoot. I don’t need to wear boots and a wool coat when I go run errands. The southerners here wear thick winter clothes when the temperature maybe feels like a nice fall day. You would think that this would mean he is tolerant of heat. Nope, my brother cranks the AC once the weather changes to being too warm. He has the whole house icy and cold like due to the heat. I bet his HVAC bills are a fortune. He wastes the heater on nice days and uses the AC unit when he could be outside. I bet southerners are great about their HVAC equipment though. It is so necessary to them and used all year. I just own a heater and only turn it on once it gets cold. It gets no heating service or repairs. My brother must have a seasonal HVAC service plan. Who is weird in this situation? Or is it the north to the south thing?

Heat pump maintenance

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