Old boiler system can’t be repaired or moved out of the house

When I moved into my house I should have checked to see if everything worked.

I was told that the house had a boiler system.

I assumed this meant I could heat my home with a boiler. Nope, I have a boiler in the basement, but it doesn’t work. The boiler is rusted, huge and so old that it won’t even think about turning it on. I am in quite a pickle for many reasons. I don’t have any heating in the house to start with. I also don’t know what to do about the boiler. I tried to get a HVAC contractor to fix it. The boiler is too old that they don’t make the heater parts for it anymore. Also, if I even got those parts, the HVAC professional could not fix it. Back in the day the old boiler systems were complicated to work on. There were specific men trained on boiler repair with each company. If I had the part I would need to find that special man to do the repair. The guy would probably be in his 80s or early 90s now based on the age of the boiler. So it looks like the boiler can’t be revived and needs to go. But, the snag is that the boiler is way too heavy to lift. I also have too narrow of stairs and a doorway. I don’t know how the boiler got into the home, but it is not coming out. HVAC companies won’t even take it for free because they don’t want to mess with getting it out.

Ductless heat pump

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