Car accident leaves me with no use of my legs

When I was 10 years old, my mom and I went on a road trip. We were driving on the interstate, when another car swerved and hit us head-on. The other driver was trying to avoid hitting a deer. Instead, they hit my mom’s car head-on. My mom was seriously injured in the accident and so was I. Both of us had to be cut out of the vehicle. My mom was in a coma for three days and I ended up with no use of my legs. I had to meet with a physical therapist for 6 months before I finally started to gain some feeling in my feet and toes. I was lucky, and I gained full use of my limbs after a year of physical therapy. Shortly after the accident, my mom found an attorney to fight the other driver. The medical bills were piling up and my Mom and I were struggling to pay rent. The accident attorney did not take any money from my mom up front. Instead, they worked hard to win the case so they could receive some of the settlement money. After the insurance company settled with the lawyer, my mom and I were left with $350,000. All of our medical bills were paid and the insurance company bought us a new car too. Half of the money from the settlement went to a trust that I received when I turned 21. I used the money to pay for my college education, a new car, and a sizable down payment on a house.

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