I love this little buddy

A little while back, my sweet wifey as well as I decided to purchase a nice lodge located out in the woods for ourselves.

  • We figured this would be a great locale for our usual summer time getaways.

We had the lodge updated with a great ductless mini-split Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C. We even had a couple of ductless Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C units placed around the lodge in strategic locations, as well as both of us had a large fireplace in the lodge as well. This last summer time when I was cutting down wood for the fireplace, I noticed something walking through the bushes in front of me. I thought it was a rabbit or raccoon at first, however it turned out to be a sweet old cat! The pet didn’t have a collar or anything so I had no idea how to find out who the owner could be. The pet was entirely sweet and friendly. I decided to get some bits of meat to supply to the cat, she turned and crept up slowly, odored my hand, as well as then she took the food from my hand as well as darted back into the bushes. Soon, she wanted to come into our lodge. She seemed to be too frosty outside because it would get chilly during the evening hours. As soon as I let this pretty kitty in, she went close to the fireplace. She got honestly comfortable in our cabin as well as she seemed to be genuinely relaxed. She basically adopted us, I like to say. After the summer, both of us decided to stick around the cabin a little longer as well as both of us were using the fireplace for our buddy. The pet mostly stayed inside with us to stay cozy around the fireplace. I realized that both of us couldn’t just leave this sweet new pet in the cold, so we decided to bring her to our HVAC system at home.

temperature control

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