I take care of my books

I must say, I have truly created a remarkable collection of scarce books, and you honestly have to pay an ultra top dollar when you find the best as well as most sought after books these days.

Because these books are worth so much money, I have an amazing beach house with a high tech security system… I have video surveillance installed as well as I’m always alerted to the interest that is going on in my home throughout the day… Even if there is a fly buzzing around, my security system will catch it quickly as well as let myself and others know exactly where it is located.

I have an entirely lavish library these days where I can only get in by the use of my personal thumb print. Of course, this means the only way anybody can get in there is to literally force myself and others to use my thumbprint, or to take my thumb to get inside. Of course, I hope it never comes to that, I like my thumbs. To keep my books in great condition, I also have invested in a highly powerful and finely tuned Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. I have a nice humidifier in the house that keeps the humidity levels just right. You don’t ever want too much humidity or the books will begin to grow mildew or mold pretty quickly. You genuinely don’t want your scarce books to rot in their storage place. You also don’t want them to become overly dry, either, as they can also become severely disfigured this way. To be extra safe, I also have a backup generator that will keep my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C idea toiling for days no matter if the power goes out.


Wireless thermostat

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