Jeff swerved, but we still hit the bridge

My friends and I were on our way to the shores last weekend, when we were in a major car accident.

  • My friend Jeff was driving at the time.

Just just got a brand new car and we were taking it for a drive to the beach. We were sitting in traffic when the accident occurred. Jeff and I saw the semi barreling down the highway. It was behind us, but it didn’t seem like it was starting to slow down. When the semi got closer, Jeff swerved to get out of the way. We ended up hitting the bridge at the same time as the semi. None of us were seriously injured, but Jeff’s car was destroyed in the accident. We had to call a tow company to take the car to a junkyard. Now Jeff and I are trying to find a personal injury lawyer to help us recover the losses. There are a ton of personal injury lawyer ads in the newspaper and the phone book, but I want to find a personal injury lawyer that will work hard to settle quickly. Even though Jeff and I weren’t seriously injured, we still have a lot of neck and back pain. It’s been a week since the accident and it seems like the neck pain is getting worse everyday. A personal injury lawyer will be able to tell us if we have a case or if there is any way that we can receive compensation for our injuries. Hopefully we can find someone reputable and hungry for a win.

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