Motorcycle injuries need time to heal

When I was 15, my parents gave me my first motorcycle.

It was a green and red dirt bike with cool handlebars and a black seat. I wasn’t old enough to drive the motorcycle legally, but I took it all over the back roads and the mountains. As soon as I was old enough to buy a motorcycle, I went to the dealership and picked out a brand new motorbike. I drove my motorcycle without any accidents for five years. Then last May, I was in a serious accident that left me with major injuries. Another driver on the highway was not watching when they decided to switch lanes. They crashed directly into my motorcycle and I went flying into the grass. My motorcycle was damaged beyond repair, and I spent three weeks in the hospital. I had major damage to my knee and leg that required three separate surgeries. While I was in the hospital, I received several visits from attorneys. I never called an attorney, so I was really surprised. Some of them must have had a police scanner. I wasn’t planning on hiring an attorney to sue the driver of the vehicle, but I had a lot of injuries and I was going to be out of work for six months. I found a lawyer that specializes in motorcycle injuries and accidents. We a year trying to get the insurance company to settle. I finally received a check in November, 18 months after the original date of my accident. At least I have enough funds to pay for all of my medical bills and buy a brand new bike.

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