Moving to Warren opens up new opportunities

I grew up in a very small town in the middle of rural Michigan.

My dad worked in a factory and my mom was a teacher.

We always had the things that we needed, and sometimes I got a few things that I wanted. My mom and dad stressed the importance of high school and college. I decided to attend a graduate school where I could study to become a personal injury lawyer. I went to a large school in Detroit, and I fell in love with the big city. I love the lights and the nightlife. I could never go back to the farm after living in the city for six years. After I graduated and passed the bar, I decided to move to Warren, Michigan to start a small law firm of my own. Right now, it’s just me and another lawyer. We handle a lot of personal injury cases, car accidents, motorcycle injuries, and class action lawsuits. I’m in the middle of two very large cases right now. One of my clients is suing a major company located in Detroit. We are suing for damages related to a personal injury case. It’s one of the biggest cases that I have worked on in my career. I am hoping to settle on a figure that is 7 numbers. When we receive our cut of the settlement, I’m going to move our office to a new building. I already have the perfect place in mind. It’s large, spacious, and located adjacent to the police station. It’s the perfect area for our new office.



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