My friend got bit by a huge dog

Every Tuesday, my friends and I go to the park for a pickup game of basketball.

The park is a large area with four basketball courts, playground equipment, and there are plenty of fields for frisbee, football, or soccer.

The peewee football team practices at the park every afternoon. When I was young, I spent every afternoon hanging out in the park. Some days we played sports and some days we built forts in the woods behind the park. In 15 years, we’ve never had any issues with stray animals or vicious dogs. Last weekend, I got bit by a large and angry dog. The park doesn’t allow dogs at all, even if they are on 6 ft leashes. I was surprised when I saw the dog. I looked around for the owner of the dog, but I didn’t see anyone. The dog had a collar and a name tag, but I didn’t get close enough to see the information. I tried to move away from the dog, but it lunged and grabbed me very quickly. My arm was covered in blood in a few seconds. My friend had to pull the dog off me. The dog ran away, but not before we could get the tags. Before I contacted the owner, I’m trying to find a lawyer that specializes in dog bites. A friend of mine knows a lawyer that works in Southfield, and I am going to give him a call tomorrow. The owner of the dog should be responsible for all of my injuries and the lawyer will make sure that I receive compensation.


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