Nursing home staff are not working hard enough to keep Mom safe

My sister and I never wanted to put our mother in a nursing home. We expected to take care of her until she was no longer with us. Unfortunately, dementia made it difficult to care for Mom safely at home. My sister and I had to work during the day and mom was often confused and disoriented. Sometimes she would leave the house and get lost. My sister and I were worried about her safety, so we decided to look into a nursing home. We found a nice nursing home by the beach. The place I had great reviews and all of the staff seemed friendly and accommodating. My mom’s insurance paid for most of the fees, and my sister and I only had to pay a little bit of money out of our pocket. Things were going really well until a few months ago when the director of the nursing home quit. Now there is a whole new group of staff and they don’t seem to care about the patients. My sister and I are so upset that we decided to start looking for a nursing home negligence lawyer. We just want to be sure that the nursing home isn’t breaking the law. The nursing home negligence lawyer took our case for free. They are currently investigating the nursing home and our case. If they find fault, they will probably offer to represent us for free. In the meantime, my sister and I had to take Mom out of that nursing home. We had to hire a full-time sitter during the day, but at least we know that Mom is safe.


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