Police brutality happens every single day

It’s really difficult to be a young black man living in Detroit, Michigan.

  • I get profiled a lot, especially when I am hanging out with a group of my friends.

If a police cruiser drives by, we know they are going to stop and ask for ID. If we were white, I doubt we would ever have an issue. Three weeks ago, two of my friends and I were hanging out by our apartments. We were minding our own business, but we were sitting on the steps to the bank. A police cruiser drove by and flashed the light. They stopped up the street and started walking back to our group. They shined the lights in our faces and immediately asked for ID. I didn’t have my wallet in my pocket. When I tried to explain that I lived closeby, the police officer grabbed me and threw me on the ground. I wasn’t fighting or trying to get away, but the police officer hit me in the back three times with his nightstick. My friends were recording the incident. I showed the video to my parents and they are going to hire a lawyer. It’s hard to find a lawyer that will take on a police brutality case, but there are a few in the area. My friends and I weren’t breaking the law and we weren’t causing any trouble. There was no reason for the police to physically assault my friends and I. The video evidence clearly shows proof and my parents found a lawyer that’s sure she can win the case.

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