The lawyer got me more than I expected

My best friend was in a car accident shortly after high school.

The driver of the truck was switching lanes and never looked to see if someone was in the other lane. My best friend ended up with a broken leg and he was in the hospital for six weeks. He was out of work and out of money. He didn’t hire a personal injury lawyer, because he wanted to settle the claim quickly. Instead, he took the small settlement that was offered from the insurance company. It was enough money to pay for all of the medical bills. My best friend had enough cash left over to buy a small car. When I was in an automobile accident last month, I decided to hire a personal injury lawyer. I didn’t want to deal with the insurance company on my own, and I wanted to make certain that I would end up with some money in my pocket. The personal injury lawyer got my car fixed quickly. It took about six months before the insurance company finally made a settlement on our case. I was really happy that I hired a personal injury attorney, because I ended up with a nice stack of money. I paid all of my medical bills and I bought a brand new 2018 Jeep. I bought my Mom a brand new air conditioner for the house. Even after those purchases, I still had plenty of cash to put in a savings account too. Sometimes it makes sense to hire a professional if you want to get the job done correctly.

truck accident attorney

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