Doing something about airborne hazards with filtration and purification

I’m really not accustomed to the feeling of just being stuck inside the HVAC security of my own home for so much time.

While I love my home and I love the fact that it has great HVAC, I would like to see some other things and places.

But, staying inside the HVAC comfort of my home is at least doing something to stop the spread of this deadly virus. It’s also greatly reducing the chances that I will get it. I just want to do more and be proactive about this pandemic rather than simply hiding in my home. While ignoring science to gather in groups is absolutely not going to happen, I have a plan to get active. When I say active, I mean I want to be active in preventing disease. That’s why I took the first step to ensure our health by replacing the HVAC air filter. I was stunned to find out how linked indoor air quality and our immune health is. While I realize that breathing polluted air is not healthy, I just had no idea about indoor air quality. The EPA says the indoor air can be between 2 and 5 times more contaminated than the outside air. That was enough for me. We got rid of the cheap HVAC air filters and put in HEPA type filters. These will trap and remove 99 percent of the contaminants that weaken our immune system. If there has ever been a better time to have a strong immune system, I don’t when. I also want to install a whole house air purifier in our HVAC system. But, that will have to wait a while.


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