I keep telling my friend that he really needs to change his air filter

I wish that my friend would just listen to me.

I keep telling my friend that he needs to change the air filter, but he won’t do anything about his air filter.

He has really bad allergies, and I know that the problem is that he doesn’t change his air filter. He is allergic to dust, and when he is at home, he always feels sick. Everyone knows that having a nice air filter can help to reduce allergies, but he apparently does not know this. I explained to him that the air filter could help, but he thinks that it is stupid that anyone could believe that your air filter would help at all. However, the air filter was literally designed to keep dirt from being in your air. When the dirt is in your air, it can get into your HVAC unit. If the dirt gets into your HVAC unit, it will be distributed throughout your house. When you change your air filter like you are supposed to, the dirt is taken out of the air and prevented from traveling through your HVAC unit. It is trapped in the air filter. This can help your health, and it also helps your HVAC unit. Your HVAC unit can literally be destroyed if you fail to change the air filter. However, my friend is stubbornly holding to his own beliefs, and he refuses to change his air filter. I guess that you cannot help everyone. I know that the air filter will help, but if he refuses to change it, then there is nothing that I can do.

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