Fitness class for soccer team

I got conned into being the middle school soccer coach by my son. If nobody would have stepped up, there would have been no team. I knew next to nothing about soccer and how to coach. Rather than fake it and have a horrible team, I have been proactive about learning. I have talked to other coaches, watched videos and read books about training methods for soccer. One thing has almost come up, cardio. A good soccer team needs to have great cardio. The kids run up and down a giant field an entire game. They need to not tire out and be done within the first five minutes. I then tried to figure out how to prepare them cardio wise. I am not a fitness expert at all, thankfully my brother is. He works at the core progression in town as a fitness expert. I got a discount due to being family and working with the school. Over the summer I had the boys go to the core progression gym three days a week to work on cardio drills. The other two days we were at the field practicing kicking and footwork. The fitness class was run by my brother and he was awesome. He knew just how to motivate young boys and get them not to quit. The drills were fun and competitive. I wrote down everything he had them do and plan to keep it going when our season starts. We might not win a single game, but I now feel my team won’t embarrass themselves on the field.

Personal Trainer

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