Hepa filters helping with allergy season

My wife suffers from pollen irritations & respiratory troubles, and she has been undoubtedly upset about the coronavirus. She worries that it could have a harsher impact on her due to her allergies, so she wanted to install an air filtration system that includes a HEPA filter. When she first told me, I was sure this would be way too expensive for our budget. It turns out I had it all wrong. My dad has an old friend who works for a nearby Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business & he was able to secure a great deal on the replacement rates. I was lucky to have the connection and decided to jump on such a great offer. By the end of the week, the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business came to our apartment to install the new machinery. I was planning to go to work later on in the morning, however the replacement work took most of the day. This timeliness was due to the fact that they were working hard to perform perfect work. I didn’t suppose that the replacement work would take all day, although I was happily surprised to see all of the intricate work done with delicate precision. The owner of the heating & cooling business was one of the people that was actually working on the installation. She and I chatted most of the day about her business. Before she left, she handed me her card and told me to give her a call if I knew anyone interested in working there. My career is doing well, but my younger brother has been a little down on his luck. I am going to supply him the name & telephone number for the owner of this business & maybe they can find a way to work something out.


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