HVAC cleaning solution really stinks

Every 6 months, the HVAC technicians come out and service our HVAC system.

In late fall, they make sure that the heater is up to the task of keeping our home warm for the winter.

In late spring, they make sure that the air conditioner won’t break down over the summer holiday. Usually this goes just fine. Occasionally there’s a few minor repairs that need to be done but there has never been anything major. Yesterday, the HVAC technicians came out and cleaned the HVAC system in preparation for summer. They must have done something differently this time though because now my whole house smells like bleach. I’m very sensitive to odors and whatever they cleaned my HVAC system with is making me feel ill. The smell is circulating through the whole house even though the HVAC technicians finished their work over two hours ago. I opened up my doors and windows and turned on the ceiling fan. I’m also keeping the air conditioner on so that it gets rid of the odor. But still, two hours later, it’s just a smelly now as it was after the technicians left. I called up the HVAC company to find out what they had used and they aren’t giving me any good answers. I really want the HVAC technicians to come back and get rid of this smell. It’s making me sick. I’m starting to think I might need to get a new HVAC company. Either that, or I need to make sure that this one never uses that cleaning solution ever again.

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