Jumping rope in fitness class

In middle school there used to be a jump rope unit for gym class.

The gym teacher would get out a giant box of beaded ropes.

There were green, red and blue ropes that signified the different sizes. I wasn’t taught how to size a jump rope to myself. I also wasn’t taught how to actually jump. I was told to grab a rope and jump the entire class. I hated the jump rope unit. My rope was always too long and smacked me in the legs. I would tire easily and felt embarrassed. When I started taking a group fitness class at the core progression near me, I almost quit when the fitness expert introduced jump roping. I figured it would feel just like I was 12 years old again. The fitness expert actually sized the jump rope to our height. We then were taught how to breathe and hold the rope. The fitness expert doesn’t just have us jump two footed. I learned how to alternate feet, jump one footed, turn, kick and run with the rope. The fitness class started just doing 5 minutes of rope jumping as a warm up. The fitness expert has now upped it where the jumping potion is almost half of class. I have even talked to him about doing an all jump rope class. I want to see if I can do a solid hour of it. It is a great cardio workout. My legs look super toned and my butt is hard as a rock. I actually enjoy jumping rope after being taught how to do it.


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